Installation EPiServer

Solis Search for EPiServer is only available from NuGet at the moment. Please note that all Solis Search packages are listed at NuGet.org, there are no packages listed in EPiServers NuGet feed. To install Solis Search for EPiServer you need the following packages.

Getting started with Episerver

This is the general concept of getting started with Solis Search for Episerver. This assumes you have a Visual Studio solution with an Episerver website running.

  1. Install Solis Search using Nuget. Always install the SolisSearch.EpiServer.Web package to your Web-project. After that you install the indexer for your specific version of Episerver, and all required dependencies will be included with that.
  2. Install Apache Solr if not done, then go to your web project into folder SolisSearch/Apache Solr to find the schema.xml and solrconfig.xml that is needed to create the core in Apache Solr. Create the core using the Apache Solr admin interface with the provided schema.xml and solrconfig.xml. The schema expects som textfiles for synonyms, stopwords and protwords to exist for enabled languages. Just create empty files in the core folder if required.
  3. After the core is created in Apache Solr, goto the SolisSearch-folder in your web project and locate the SolisSearch.config file and update the address attribute in the SolrServer section to point to your newly configured core in Apache Solr.
  4. Compile the project and login to the Episerver backend and you should find Solis Search under the Tools section in Episerver Admin. There you can see if you're connected to the core and click Rebuild index to test default configuration.
  5. If configuration is correct you can now start developing and configure how your properties should be indexed by adding your pagetypes to SolisSearch.config.

EPiServer Common

SolisSearch.EPiServer.Web The admin gui plugin for Solis Search for EPiServer. The gui plugin is listed under Tools in EPiServer Admin section. This package should always be installed to your web project regardless of Episerver version.

EPiServer 7

SolisSearch Solis Search core library which contains the SearchRepository. The package should also be included in the project where you manage the search logic if that is diifferent from your web project.
SolisSearch.EPiServer Solis Search library for EPiServer 7 and indexer for version lower than 7.5

EPiServer 7.5

SolisSearch.EPiServer75 Solis Search indexer library for EPiServer 7.5

The EPiServer 7.5 indexer is dependant on the indexer for EPiServer 7 above.

EPiServer 8

SolisSearch.EPiServer8 Solis Search indexer library for EPiServer 8

The EPiServer 8 indexer is dependant on the indexer for EPiServer 7.5 above.

EPiServer 9

SolisSearch.EPiServer9 Solis Search indexer library for EPiServer 9

The EPiServer 9 indexer is dependant on the indexer for EPiServer 8 above.

EPiServer 10

SolisSearch.EPiServer10 Solis Search indexer library for EPiServer 10

The EPiServer 10 indexer is dependant on the indexer for EPiServer 9 above.

EPiServer 11

SolisSearch.EPiServer11 Solis Search indexer library for EPiServer 11

The EPiServer 11 indexer is only dependant on the core SolisSearch package.

Upgrading to Episerver 11

Due to some namespace changes from Episerver, there is a new dependency structure in the Solis packages to be aware of. When upgrading you should uninstall all earlier versions of SolisSearch.EpiserverX packages. Keep only core SolisSearch-package. When EPiserver is version 11, then install only SolisSearch.EPiServer11 and SolisSearch.EPiserver.Web packages, they include all dependencies.