Solis Search uses all the features from the library SolrNet with added features for simplified use with Umbraco or EPiServer. Setup your search functionality with mainly configuration and minimal coding. Deploy full enterprise class search on your website in matter of hours.


Minimal coding

With Solis Search coding time is minimal, it's mainly based on configuration, bringing you a shorter time to market.


Facet configuration

Configure facets easy and filter queryes with a few lines of code


Language support

Full language support from both Umbraco and Solr field types.

Security support

Solis Search supports automatic Umbraco role based security filtering on search results.


Built in AutoComplete feature based on Apache Solr Suggester.


Spellchecking support with suggestions based on index.

Richtext documents

Solis Search automatically indexes rich text documents that are published in richtext properties or related links properties.


Customize how your content is indexed by implementing your own property parsers

Start development now All features enabled without license